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Bentgrass is one of the most beautiful types of grass you will ever see. Just ask any golfer as he stands on a bentgrass tee box, walks a bentgrass fairways, or putts on a bentgrass putting green.  Even though it is very difficult to grow and maintain, many people are transitioning their lawn at their residence into a bentgrass lawn. This project is not for the weak heart as it is very expensive and can be difficult to obtain good results.

Bentgrass – Nature’s Gift

Tyee Bentgrass Seed

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However, if you take the time to learn how to plant and grow bentgrass properly, you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing looking lawn in your neighborhood.

If you are a golf course superintendent, then you already know all about bentgrass and how beautiful it is in how to best use it. The issue for the golf course superintendent with respect to bentgrass is normally where to buy it and how to obtain and grass seed at the lowest possible price.

There is probably over 100 different for varieties of bentgrass seed. Even so, only a handful of these different bentgrass seed varieties are in widespread use around the country.  We will talk little bit about the different varieties of bentgrass seed and what makes them different from each other.

Penncross Bentgrass Seed

Penncross is by far one of the most popular bentgrass seeds available for purchase today.  Funny enough there are not a ton of places out there to purchase Penncross bentgrass seed, but there are a few.  One of our favorites sites is Buy Wholesale Cheap, as the work very hard to keep prices low, and they are one of the few who are willing to repackage bentgrass seed into one pound packages.  They current are selling Penncross bentgrass seed in one, two, three, five, ten and twenty-five pound sizes.

Penncross is used by some of the finest golf courses in the country for the greens, fairways and tee boxes.  Motivated homeowners have also successfully used Penncross bentgrass in their lawn, which, by the way, looks just amazing.  I followed the progress of a gentleman from Wisconsin who tore out his front lawn and seeded with Penncross bentgrass and not only does it germinate quickly, it looks amazing!  I believe it was around 37 days after he seeded when it looked fully established and ready to play on.  I doubt he’ll ever hit any golf balls off of it, but if he did, he’s be able to drown some seed down and in short order you’d never even know there was a divot there.

Tyee Bentgrass is fairly new to the scene, but already people that know bentgrass are raving about it.  It’s hard to find to purchase, and when you do, it’ll be expensive, but, oh my goodness, is this bentgrass just amazing!  Tyee Creeping Bentgrass is derived from plants that survived the test of time to thrive under temperature extremes and still produce a quality putting surface.  Tyee posesses a bright, dark green color, not a blue green color like many of the new creeping bentgrasses.  It maintains this color through the heat of summer and into the winter.  This color is uniform and provides an appealing contrast with other grasses in the fairway.  You can find a nice article about L93 Bentgrass seed here.

Tyee has shown superior Brown Patch and Dollar Spot resistance.  In trials it also demonstrated excellent resistance to copper spot, pythium blight and fusarium.  Tyee like many of its bentgrass siblings such as Penn A-1 and Penn A-4, requires more extensive management for thatch control, including topdressing and verti-cutting.  The rewards from using Tyee are a superior putting surface, reduced syringing, less herbicides, and reduced thatch production when compared to other high density bentgrasses.  Germination will occur in 3 to 5 days in temperate weather conditions while 6 to 10 days may be experienced in average daily temperatures below 10 degrees C.  The first mowing will be required around 21 days and the first limited use can be expected in 6 to 8 weeks depending on conditions.  Bentgrass seed, including Tyee, can be purchased at Buy Wholesale Cheap.

In future posts we will talk about other varieties, how to take care of it, the best weed killer to use, and more.

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